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D&E Industrial specializes in Machine Line Installation & Optical Alignment
5473 Wilson-Burt Road • Burt, New York 14028 • [716] 542.4556
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Machine Lines
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You have just purchased a major mechanical system or large piece of production equipment - How do you get it in place and operational?

D&E maintains a team of installation specialists with over 30 years of experience in placement assemble and alignment of industrial equipment. Our teams have completed assignments all over the United States and we can install or relocate equipment sold by any manufacturer.

From a small conveyor system to a large production line, precision installation is what we do best.

  • Optical Floor Layout
  • Sole Plate & Rail Installtion
  • Unload, Set & Anchor Equipment
  • Assembly
  • Precision Optical Alignment
  • Grouting

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